HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Hr Payroll Software Software in Bangladesh:

The HR (Human Resources) department of any organization is very important and plays a vital role in the organization’s growth. To efficiently manage human resources in an organization is a challenging task, particularly in medium to large scale organizations due to the high volume of employee data that requires quick management in an accurate as well as cost-effective manner. We at Soft IT Security know that each organization has its own requirements in terms of HR management and seek the right combination of HR and IT to streamline, accelerate and automate the total HR cycle for enhanced productivity. That is why we have developed this unique software to meet the needs of every organization. Our HR & Payroll Software is specially created with features that can help administrators to effectively manage different HR processes that take place within an organization.

What makes us so special?

Soft IT Security comprises of professionals who are well-trained and experienced software developers. We offer the best IT solutions in the word with start-of-the-art technology. We are aware that there are currently different types of HR & Payroll software solutions in the market. Some are just standard versions that are ready to use, while the others are customized according to the needs of individual users.

Our customized HR & Payroll Software

Soft IT Security will help you create your HR & Payroll Software according to the HR management needs of your organization. Once you have identified what your HR management needs are, then we will take it up from there to create something spectacular for you.

Benefits of our customized HR and Payroll software

Employees are the backbone of every organization and their efficient management plays a vital role in the success of the organization in today’s highly competitive business environment. Our software is very flexible and offers an opportunity for an organization to adapt its own HR management strategies according to changing conditions for enhanced productivity of employees.

Features of HR Payroll Software:

User Module:

  • Create User.
  • Change Password.
  • User privatization

Features of Leave Module

  • Leave Application Store Panel.
  • Manage Leave.
  • Supervisor Approval/Deny
  • Head of HR Approval/Deny
  • Leave Mail Notification
  • Create various types Leave Report

Configuration Module:

  • Add Company Name.
  • Add Department.
  • Add Section.
  • Employee Type.
  • Designation.
  • Create Leave Package (Package Name & leave type).
  • Create Salary Package (Package Name & Allowance type).
  • Add Weekend.
  • Add Holiday.
  • Create Bank Info.

Recruitment Module:

  • Connect Link with various job sites.
  • Applicant entry their information & upload CV.
  • View CV list & Select CV.
  • Selected CV Store for interview.
  • Applicant Final Recruitment information will be shift to employee info.

Features of Employee Information Module

  • Show All Employee List.
  • Add Employee Info (General Info, Official Info & Login Info)
  • Add Academic Information
  • Add Extra Qualification
  • Add Carrier History
  • Add Document (Store Certificate or others necessary document by Scanning)

Features of Attendance Module

  • Manage Employee Attendance through Attendance Device.
  • Manually Entry (Manage Special Attendance).
  • Prepare Daily Attendance Report (Company, Department & Section wise).
  • Prepare Daily Late Report (Company, Department & Section wise).
  • Prepare Daily Movement Report (Company, Department & Section wise).
  • Prepare Monthly Job Card (Individual Employee).
  • Prepare Monthly Attendance Report (Company, Department & Section wise).
  • Prepare Monthly Absent Report (Company, Department & Section wise).
  • Prepare Monthly Late Report (Company, Department & Section wise).

Features of Reporting Management

  • Division/Department/Branch
  • Wise Employee Report.
  • Individual employee report.
  • View Complain.
  • View Suggestion.
  • Holiday Report
  • Salary Wise Report
  • Card Wise
  • Resign Report
  • Increment Report
  • Promotion Report
  • View Termination.
  • View Resignation.
  • View Retired.
  • Various Type of Search Criteria.

Features of Loan Module

  • A Panel to store Loan Request from employee.
  • Loan Entry
  • Manage Loan request.
  • Create various type of Report about Loan.
  • Loan Accounts Record

Features of Loan Module

  • Add Deduction (Individually / department wise).
  • View Deduction (Individually / department wise).
  • Add Incentive (Individually /department wise).
  • View Incentive (Individually /department wise).
  • Create Salary.
  • Create Salary Sheet.
  • Create Pay slip (Individual / Department wise).
  • Create Pay slip (Individual / Department wise).

Others Features of HR Software

Promotion Module:

  • Criteria for promotion.
  • Manage Promotion.
  • Create various types of Report about Promotion
  • Promotion Due Date

Increment Module:

  • Manage Increment.
  • Increment Due Date
  • Create Report.

Termination Module

  • Maintain Terminated Employee Info
  • Report of Terminated Employee

Retirement Module:

  • Pre-Condition for Retirement
  • Manage Retirement.
  • Create various types of Report about Retirement

Resign Module:

  • Causes for Resignation
  • Manage Resignation
  • Create various types of Report about Resignation

Features of Evaluation Management

  • Multiple Personal Target Achievement
  • Years of Experience
  • Years Schooling (Up to Post Graduation Without Break)
  • Extra Schooling (After Post Graduation)
  • Subject /Field in Higher Study (4 Years Graduation/Post Graduation)
  • Training
  • Academic (Educational Details)
  • Extra Academic/Educational Achievements/Performance
  • Extra Financial Achievements/Performance
  • Participation/Attendance In Office
  • Qualitative Service Record (Honesty/Integrity)

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