Fuel Pump Management Software in Bangladesh

Fuel Pump Management Software in Bangladesh:

It is time to take your business to another level with the latest Point of Petrol Pumps Management of Soft IT Security. The software is designed for all type of businesses such as grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, filling stations, and every business you can think of.

Our petrol / fuel pump management software is very easy to navigate. It also allows you to easily record sales transactions, manage product pricing and print receipts for your customers without delay.

Petrol Pump Management Features:


  • Configuration
  • Underground Tank
  • Dispensing Unit (DU)
  • Product Unit
  • Product
  • Purchase
  • Requisition
  • Receive Requisition
  • Stock
  • Sell
  • Accounts
  • Employee Information
  • Attendance
  • Report


  • Company Information
  • Vendor Information
  • Customer Information

Underground Tank

  • Add Underground Tank
  • View Underground Tank

Dispensing Unit (DU)

  • Add Dispensing Unit
  • View Dispensing Unit

Product Unit

  • Add New Product Unit Name
  • View Product Unit List


  • Add Product
  • View Product List


  • Add Purchase
  • View Purchase


  • Requisition for Purchase Product
  • View List

Receive Requisition

  • View List
  • Purchase Code
  • Company Name
  • Amount
  • Pay Amount
  • Payment Type
  • Date


  • Stock List


  • Sale New
  • Sale List


  • Customer Due(Receivable)
  • Customer Due Payments
  • Company Due(Payable)
  • Expenses
  • Employee Salary
  • Make Deposit
  • All Deposits

Employee Information

  • Add Employee
  • Employee List


  • New Login
  • Log out
  • Sell Difference during log in


  • Loss/Profit
  • Customer Report
  • Supplier Report
  • Date Wise Supplier Report
  • Product Report
  • Date Wise Sell Report
  • Date Wise Purchase Report
  • Company Wise Purchase Report
  • Date Wise Expense Report
  • Date Wise Machine Reading
  • Product Sell/Purchase Report
  • Date wise Profit/Loss Report

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