POS software in Bangladesh

POS System

Sale and buy are the central processes of trade and commerce and the POS that stands for Point of Sale is a key factor in this regard. Typically Point of Sale(POS) meant the place where a buyer exchanged cash with a seller for goods or service. But with advanced technology, POS is not limited in the manual exchange of currency or merely in the cash receipts. Computers, mobile phone, programming, and the internet have modified it and made POS easier and more effective. Point of Sale assures safe business avoiding traditional transaction system and prevents any type of mismanagement by the employees. It also assures time consuming and increases productivity. POS contributes to increasing revenue, reducing labor hour and achieving savings on annual basis. At present, most of the commercial organizations or agencies worldwide rely on Point of Sale system. Bangladesh is not an exception in using POS software. Soft IT Security provides you the best POS software in Bangladesh. We have already provided this best POS software in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh as well as outside of the country.

What is POS?

Generally, Point of Sale(POS) or Point of Purchase(POP) means the place where a transaction between a customer and a merchant takes place. The merchant may make an invoice and after taking the cash from the buyer a receipt is given. After inventing computer, POS system was digitized at first in the 1970s. Mobile phones and tabs of the 21st century have added a new dimension in Point of Sale(POS) revolution. Programming and software have created a new system popularly known as Point of Sale(POS) system.

What is POS system?

POS system is the 'powerhouse' of a business. Basically, Point of Sale(POS) system refers to the combination of computer hardware and software performing precise business transactions. The age-old tradition of heavy paperwork is no more. Rather, it is like a digital cash register with some hardware such as a server, a computer terminal and keyboard at the checkout site, a cash drawer, a credit and debit card swiper, a pin pad, and a printer for customer receipts. With the help of the hardware, the main computer that is connected with several checkout terminals and builds a computerized network; the POS system. Computers are able to capture, away better than the traditional cash registers. The system brings accuracy in inventory, reporting, ordering. POS system also saves time, increases efficiency and assure better customer service. There are many kinds of POS system based on different business. Do you want the best POS system? Soft IT Security offers you the best POS software in Bangladesh.

How Does a POS Work?

POS software in Bangladesh

The work done by POS system is easy to catch. You may have seen a customer using an ipad based system to check out from a local retail or a large touch screen operated by a register in restaurants and bars. Along with the hardware components such as cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, credit card swiper. POS software allows businessmen and retailers to complete their deals in computers, iPad or another tablet device. POS system is connected to the Cloud(a secured remote servers access). It means that every point of sale is interconnected. At the same time, a merchant can use them from anywhere with the help of internet. So, POS system is very promising. Are you waiting to see the work of POS? Soft IT Security is ready with the best POS software in Bangladesh.

What does POS software do?

POS software in Bangladesh

Today, POS systems have become one of the most complex software systems. The reason behind it is the varied features required by different businesses or end-users. Initially, POS system served the retail, wholesale, and hospitality industries. Apart from managing sales transactions, POS system includes other features such as inventory, vendor ordering, reporting modules, stock transferring, barcode creating, stock counting, customer loyalty, buy orders, bookkeeping, and accounting. Each of these modules is interlinked so that you can use it for practical purposes and can maximize the system’s usability. Soft IT Security’ POS software features sales, purchase, inventory, supplier, customer, barcode generation module and many more.
Almost every business of service and selling use POS system today. People are using them in goods and property leasing, equipment repair shops, healthcare management, ticketing offices (ex. cinemas and sports facilities) and many other operations. The abilities of POS software have also been extended to process monetary transactions, keep customer service records, book and allocate facilities, track goods and processes, invoicing, and monitoring of debts and outstanding payments.
To meet various demands and requirements of a diverse group of users, software companies build POS systems for reliability, high and consistent operating speed, remote supportability, and rich functionality. So, you may regard POS system as the ‘Powerhouse’ of all trades of any business. Only Soft IT security gives you the best POS software in Bangladesh at affordable price.

What Are the Benefits of POS Software?

POS software in Bangladesh

A POS system is the main workforce of any business. It offers you a bunch of benefits. Some of them are-
1. Positive effect on business: If you are using a POS system in your business, it will allow you to have a better control over your business. You will have the know how many products have you sold, how many products are left in the storehouse and how many products you need to buy. All these can be done with POS software.
2. Accurate operation: Every business of selling includes numbers, multiple clients, and products at the same time. If you are running them manually with the traditional paper-based system, there is a huge possibility of mistakes. Since POS software can record transactions, manage inventory, and analyze sales patterns in a correct manner, you do not have to double-check each customer’s order and other information.
3. Business efficiency: As it is a computerized system, it makes all the paperwork accurately and saves a lot of time. It takes you to the way to manage your sales figures or reports, bills and orders in a very expedient way. Besides the office environment POS system also increases the efficiency of the everyday sales environment. Different kinds of useful features such as barcode scanners or credit card terminals have really made POS system very promising.
4. Analytical ability: POS system includes broad analysis of your business data. In running a business, you have to deal with any information about movements and tendencies in sales processes, sales reports, and other information. Handling them manually and gather right type of data from them is really very tough. So POS software can analyze the relevant information to show trends, strengths, weaknesses, and solutions.
5. Client communication: POS softwarestors the information of all of your clientele.The information of all of your clientele. You can definitely find out who your best customers are and what they buy. So you can offer them a better deal to satisfy them and get maximum benefit from them by assuring better customer service. You can also offer them a discount. It will build up a healthy communication between you and your client.
6. Networking with other terminals: POS software has networking ability. It allows the system to connect and communicate with other terminals and handheld devices from any location. So you can manage your sales from a single platform.
7. Affordability: POS software is full of many outstanding and powerful features but the price of this software is cheaper than other business apps and software. If you are thinking to buy a POS software, you can have many choices but the software provider will make the software by your own need.
8. Shrinkage security: POS software is a unique software as it offers powerful SKU reporting and follows time periods, promotions and orders. It also can track every employee’s performance. Seeing all this benefits, you can not but order POS software for your business right now. As Soft IT Security offers you the best POS software in Bangladesh with an affordable price, why would you refuse us?

Why should you have a POS system?

The business of the 21st century is a technology-based business. You may be doing good with your business with the traditional system where you have to deal with a lot of calculators, printed receipts, and late-night inventory checks. But better business condition is possible if you are using a POS software-based system in your business. Some reasons that why you need POS system are-

Remove human error: ‘To err is human’ and it can be true in your business if you are running it manually. You and your employees are not above mistakes and there is a huge possibility of mistake in your business. Of course, these mistakes are small and will not make you bankrupt. But on a larger period of time, the loss may count. For example, 1% of loss in a period of one year is a great amount for any business agency. Here POS system can assure accuracy without any error.

Enhance efficiency: If your inventory is balanced with what you have sold then you are ready to hop to the next level. Any POS system automatically enter sale information straight into your inventory. So there is no chance of inconsistencies between what you have sold and what is left in the store. You do not need to double-check. If POS software is integrated with accounting software it will save you time, money and resources that can create you extra benefits.
Precise checkout process: Barcode scanning speeds up your checkout process significantly. Your customers don’t have to wait in the line for a long time and they left your place with satisfaction. With POS system, you are allowed to handle many customers per day. It will enhance the database of your customer and you are able to broaden your business.

Lessen your loss: Apart from unwanted errors, sometimes you become the victim of theft by your own employees. It is sad that your employees indulge in this misdeed. Being experienced, they know the flaws of your business and they continue their misdeeds under the flaws. So, POS software can find out the loss and flaws for you so that you can take proper measure to solve this problem.

Know your ROI(Return on Investment): POS system generates sales reports that will you to analyze the effectiveness of your business. POS software lets you know about the best product line, t
he best store of yours, the best sale employee of your team and the top pricing structures and deals to convince your customers.

Inventory management: You have to know three things about inventory management. They are how much you have, how much you sold and how much you need to buy. It was a hard job in the past because the process included a lot of calculating, paper balance work, guesswork and late night inventory checks. But POS system is enough to all the works for you such as tracking your best customers, letting you know what you need to buy and keeping count of the inventory.

Save your time: POS system speeds up the checkout process. Every item with a barcode can be easily scanned and tagged. With a credit card reader attached to your POS software based iPad or iPhone, you can make transactions from anywhere in the store. It also speeds up Inventory Management and makes the payroll faster. You do not need to dig through receipts. By using the search tool, you can search for any transactions.

Invoicing options: Invoicing feature is available in POS system. It allows you to give your customer to pre-order a product and pay later. It is like saving a seat for a friend at a sold-out concert or sporting event. So if you have any product that is going to be a massive hit before its arrival at your store, invoicing options is definitely needed.

Integrated rewards program: POS software enters the information of any customer at first and it keeps track of what they buy and when. It is a great tool for customer service and rewards.

Smart system: iPad and iPhone based POS system is very handy than the earlier versions of POS system. Cloud-based POS systems are getting popularity day by day because they are affordable and take less space. A credit card reader attached to them enables you to take payment from anytime, anywhere. You do not need to write down the orders and manage inventory manually. Now you can say goodbye to log books.

Is POS system for you?

Selling products is the only motto of any business. POS system can support a lot in this respect. This system is no more confined to processing customer purchase and sale records. The previous sections have shown the necessity of POS software in your business. It does many works at a time and saves your time and money. Small business related to tracking and recording daily sales, managing customer information, monitoring stocks and inventory, looking over employee task and performance and a lot of other things can use POS software for betterment. Large-scale business with branches opened in several locations can use the network-based facilities of POS software. So, big or small, every business can do better by using POS system. Will you choose POS software now or not. The decision is yours. If it is a yes, you can give a chance to Soft IT Security to provide you with the best POS software in Bangladesh.

What Are the Features of POS Software?

The features of POS software vary from user to user. This software is designed according to the need of the user or the business agency. Still, there are some basic features in almost every POS software such as-
Inventory tracking: It gives you the information about how many products are available in your store and how much you need to collect. It also does the same work for all of your branches.
Sales reporting: It is about your products. Every individual product’s data is saved in your database with all details. You can mark the products easily and take proper initiatives for those products which are not selling well.
Items: POS software allows you to keep unlimited products or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.
Customer management: The data of your customer is stored by POS software. You can enormous customers name and their details like address, mobile number, email address etc. By observing the list of your customer and their purchase, you can easily find out your best customers.
Employee management: POS software not only stores customers data but also stores employees data. You can keep an eye on them by using this software and can find out the best salesperson in your team. The Employee can use this software according to their access level.
Suppliers: POS software also enables you to save the information of your suppliers with their contact details.
Mobile access: The Cloud-based internet has made it possible to control your POS software from anywhere. POS system based iPhone or iPad gives you the opportunity to run your business from anywhere.
Receiving: If your client returns any of your products, this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory.
Integration capability: When POS software is integrated with other business apps or software such as accounting software, it doubles your business efficiency. You can run both systems in the same hardware components.
Store Configuration: POS system sets or edits your shop information, address, phone number here.
Taxes: Many POS systems support taxes. After selling a product, you can manage the tax from it with this feature.

Type of pos

POS software in Bangladesh

Soft IT Security provides the best POS software services in Bangladesh that simplify your business process. We can give you POS software with the features you wish. The software of our company features sales, purchase, inventory, supplier, customer, barcode generation module. If you have already gone through the previous pages, you have reached far enough to understand POS software. Now it is time for you to choose the exact POS system for your business. Depending on the different business, we will show you a glimpse of types of POS software. Here you will find the uncommon features of each business as you have already seen the common one.

Departmental store: Are you running a departmental store or grocery shop? Then you may know well about the pressure that you have to handle in managing this. This business is intensely competitive and you have to keep pace with your customer. You have to keep a long-range of products and keep up the stock at the same time. Dealing them manually is pretty hard and here comes POS software to help you. Some uncommon features of Departmental store POS software are that it-

  • Speeds up the checkout process
  • Manages powerful stock control system
  • Empowers employees
  • Provides targeted promotions
  • Manages promotions and coupons
  • Accepts all kinds of payment methods
  • Improves productivity
  • Supports loyalty programs
  • Payment Refund & Return
  • Quick-keys

Restaurant POS: POS system has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of the restaurant business. The fast-food franchises often use POS software in their multiple chains. This system allows you to provide your customer with an unforgettable experience that would bring him to your restaurant again and again. The touchscreen allows you make the ordering process faster and accurate. This software can also be used for bars, cafe, and fast-food shops. Restaurant POS system includes these unique features-
  • Customized menu and floorplans
  • Simplicity and efficiency
  • Tableside and kiosk ordering
  • Marketing
  • Software updates
  • Technical support
  • Gift card programs
  • Online ordering integration
  • Accurate table handling
  • Special orders

Fashion house POS: Running a fashion house is a challenging job because it is a million dollar business today. The things you have to keep your mind to maintain this business are long manufacturing lead times, competitive landscape, complex size, color and style forecasting, bi-annual buying cycles, in-store stock availability, omnichannel consumer expectations and customer service challenges. Fashion house POS system can solve all this problems. The features aside from the common ones are -
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Eliminate fashion pain points
  • Visibility of omnichannel
  • All-in-one software solution
  • Combine online & offline shopping
  • Customer buying behavior tracking
  • Seasonal selling & composite products

Jewelry store POS system: While running a jewelry store, you have to deal with many ornaments that are very small and valuable. You have to categorize them all according to their price, size, and material they are made of. You also may sell other products in your stores like costume ornaments or rare gemstones. So there is a rich variety of products in your store and selling them with accuracy and creating customer satisfaction at the same time is not possible without using Jewelry POS software. Some exceptional features of this system are-
  • Print jewelry tags and barcodes
  • Work orders and repair services
  • Adjustments during a Sale
  • Scale integration
  • Deposits
  • Multiple commissions tracking
  • Quantity based discounting
  • Description of piece
  • Alternate stone/setting/size/length availability
  • Warranty/guarantee information.

Electronic store POS system: With advanced science and technology, the electronic business also has become too competitive. the quick obsolescence of technological equipment and increasing competition coming from big box retailers and major online retailers are the reasons behind this competition. The products changes and modifies rapidly to fulfill the demands of the consumers. So, your electronic business has to cope with this change to survive in the stream. Goods of comparative prices should be available at your store for better comparison by your customer. Here comes Electronic POS system for you to handle all this situation. It also has some specialties-
  • Product images
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Serial number/ID tracking
  • Kits or bundles
  • Group pricing or discounts
  • Markdown management
  • Email marketing
  • Rental module

Salon and Spa POS system: Today, every business trying to run it technologically. Otherwise the owner lament for not doing so. Salon and spa business are not an exception from it. In this business, you need to enter, change, and track client appointments and preferences. So you are definitely in search of a system that can generate performance reports and loyalty profiles as well as find and correct workflow inefficiencies. Salon and spa POS system is the only solution. It saves your time and money and makes your business more profitable. Some outstanding features of this system include-
  • Scalable
  • Appointment management
  • Walk-In management
  • Social media integration
  • Great support
  • Membership programs
  • Email & text reminders

Gym and fitness center POS system: It is also a profitable business as people want good health. You have to deal with many people and you will also sell different kinds of workout equipment. Your fitness center may also consist of basketball courts, supplement shops and pools. All the sections cannot be handled manually. So you are in the need of Gym POS system to boost up your profit. The other feature that this system contains are-
  • Gym membership management
  • Automated billing
  • Scheduling
  • Facility scheduling
  • Retail sales and classes
  • Technical support

Pharmacy POS system: As per as health is concerned about, people need medication too. You can also use POS system even you are running a pharmacy. The world is running through computerized system everywhere so this business is. Some important things you have to remember in this business includes managing expiry dates effectively, handling prescription drugs according to legislation, calculating prices based on very diverse insurance schemes, and more. Besides the common features, some more features can accelerate your pharmacy business. They are-
  • Compliance and compatibility
  • Categories
  • Flexible deployment
  • Pharmacy management system integration
  • Auto purchasing / ordering
  • Expiration dates
  • Print signs & labels
  • Electronic price updates

Sharee and boutique POS system: If you are running a boutique shop, you only want to get your shelves vacant as soon as possible. The quality of your shop’s sharee and boutique products are quite good. But if you are not using a POS system in your business you may fall behind still having a good collection. The outstanding features of Sharee and boutique POS software can help you to set up this system. They are as follows
  • Printed or electronic receipts
  • Updating product information
  • Seamless web store integration
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Gift registry
  • Consignment
  • Manage item
  • Expiry date
  • Define offers for customer

Cosmetics shop POS system: Our fascination with cosmetics never ends, not in history and not today. There is an unending collection of cosmetics by different brands. This business also has a bright future. But similar to a jewelry shop, you have to deal with very small and valuable cosmetics too. But you can elevate your business to the upper level if you use Cosmetics shop POS system that offers you some unique features stated below-
  • Minimum price restrictions
  • Profit and loss report
  • Controlled negotiation
  • Merchandise transfers
  • Easily assembled products
  • Matching products
  • Colour matrix
  • Product ingredient list
  • Ability to search
  • Commission and allowance

Tailor shop POS software: Tailor shop business gives you to show your craft by making the dress of modern trends. You can run other related business such as dry cleaning, laundry service and even shoe and leather care side by side. Tailor shop POS system allows you to manage client list and measurement data, taking orders with delivery date & advance payment (cash /Card), Records orders, order status, payment collection, track orders..etc. If you keep aside the common features of POS, there are still some other feature left. Some of them are-
  • Customizable
  • Timesheets system
  • Offer/Discount tracking system
  • Automated order ready SMS/Email
  • Integrated email marketing systems
  • Secured cash drawer
  • Accept multiple payments

Shoe shop POS system: Footwear business has become one of the leading business today. If you are establishing a shoe shop, you have some responsibilities. You must manage a variety of different elements including numerous types, styles, and sizes of footwear and footwear accessories. By using a shoe shop POS system, you can control your inventory and pricing, track customers' favorites, and view history from months back. The different features of this software are as follows-
  • Size-based pricing
  • Reporting in color/size/width
  • Built-in credit card terminals
  • Additional modules
  • Consolidate sales tickets

POS Software in Bangladesh:

It does not matter what type of business you are trying to start. It is time to take your business to another level with the latest Point of Sale software (POS) of Soft IT Security. The software is designed for all type of businesses such as grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, filling stations, and every business you can think of. The POS software is very easy to navigate. It also allows you to easily record sales transactions, manage product pricing and print receipts for your customers without delay. Soft IT Security provides the best POS software services in Bangladesh that simplify your business process.