News Portal

News Portal:

Are you looking for the best Online Newspaper/News Portal Software Development professional to work on your project? Then Soft IT Security is the right place to be. Online communication is increasing in popularity every day, and it is the most preferred medium for people in different parts of the world to exchange news, talks as well as chats over the globe. The Display of news in most portals either automatically or manually can be very challenging, and that is why we have developed this software to make everything easy for you and your visitors.

What makes our software development services unique?

If you are looking for the best brains and the best technology in the industry, we have them all. Customer satisfaction is always our main priority that’s why we utilize the finest professionals and technology to work for you. Our Online Newspaper/News Portal Software Development is unique becausewe want your business to grow by making your visitors happy.

Best feature for News Portal/ Online Newspaper/ News Paper Directory:

  • Dynamic & Responsive with any devices
  • Fast, Smooth, Better Performance for visitors
  • Expert support team with you 24/7
  • Easy to operate (admin panel), no need to have IT knowledge for operate
  • Cope up with any templates or in any custom designs
  • Latest Updated News Showing
  • Eye catching home page
  • Flash Video Slider & Audio Play
  • Photo Gallery & archive feature
  • Secured form spammers, cyber attacks
  • CMS: Wordpress, Jommla, Node JS, Raw PHP or framework or any language
  • Unlimited pages & webmail facilities
  • Custom design with banners & moving news presentations
  • Live video add & channel news telecasting
  • Location with Google mapping, contact us details
  • Social Media Button Add & like, share, comment feature add
  • Dedicated domain & hosting facilities

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